Through the eyes of an artist we witness beauty, evoke emotion, and expand our view of the world.  Pegga, an aesthetically arousing artist and designer, challenges the usual norms of art and produces with a unique and forward style with very much its own personality.  Landscapes, cityscapes, or anyscape, Pegga communicates her view of the world and the extraordinary beauty that exist in all that surrounds us.



With her savvy, human and clearly articulated identity, she has molded a unique and accessible creative art form that speaks to not only the eclectic urbanite, but to the whimsical nature lover as well. For the pure love of creation, Pegga is constantly striving to awe and inspire, while operating from a place of integrity and shining into the world through her work.  Pegga strives to ignite joy, operate from a place of pure consciousness, promote social accountability, and arouse the heart and soul of art enthusiasts. Most importantly Pegga is producing art because that is what she truly loves doing most, and her goal is to share her vision with those whose eyes and souls can truly "see it."


Pegga is a woman of many talents.  With a personality that is truly one-of-a-kind, she aspires to leave more than just a small carbon footprint behind. Her artistic talent and expression encompasses a variety of forms. She is currently focusing on and working in the following mediums:


Photography & Photo Manipulation. 

Graphic design. Logo, Typography, Promo Materials.  

Eco conscious, up-cycled handmade goods. 

Acrylic Paint. 

Mixed Media. 


All of Pegga's works are for sale and available in custom sizes. Contact Pegga for Pricing.

Pegga also does commission pieces, and accepts custom orders for her up-cylced goods.


Contact Pegga by clicking "COMMUNICATE"

Pegga is Currently looking for an "out of the box," investor, who is business minded, socio-conscious, and wants to unleash a great project onto the world. She knows this person is out there, she is opening the path of communication :) and looks forward to their response.


Artist statement Courtesy of Maureen Fiore

Created by Pegga