The light before dawn

That's what my name means, and if you choose to read into it, it says a lot. I'm all about kindness, brotherhood, love, and doing my best to foster more of these things in the world around me. 

I'm a creative who finds great joy in helping others. Exactly how that's manifesting into grown up life, I'm not quite sure yet, but I am sure, that it's my life's work. We may not know or even like where started, but it is the right now that we can create anything we want. Life isn't necessarily simple, but our relationships can be. Right now, we operate from a place of brotherhood, peace, love and the golden rule. We communicate kindly and we push our judgments away from our minds. These few things will validate our souls and manifests into our humanity in seemingly improbable ways. 


I transform the pictures I take, into what I see in my mind's eye when I look at something. Whether socially relevant, breathtaking, or completely common, the things I photograph, the art I create, and the topics I write about, undoubtedly, defy the mainstream.

It took me a long time to be comfortable communicating my creativity, but here I am. I love art, so I create it. I love writing, so I write. I love sharing, communicating, and learning, so if you are here reading this, I have reached a goal! 

I am so grateful for the digital age, as it offers each of us a voice, it bridges gaps in geography, and allows us to position ourselves closer to those we identify with. We gain knowledge, improve ourselves, and understand that absolutely anything is possible. 

Please check out the links to my art, and hit me up anytime by clicking "COMMUNICATE". 

I would love to hear from you! 

Thank You for being here, I appreciate you!

Artist Statement

Through the eyes of an artist we witness beauty, evoke emotion, and expand our view of the world.  Pegga, an aesthetically arousing artist and designer, challenges the usual norms of art and produces unique and forward art with a style with very much her own.  Landscapes, cityscapes, or anyscape, Pegga communicates her view of the world and the extraordinary beauty that exist in all that surrounds us.


Pegga's savvy, human and clearly articulated identity, has molded a unique and accessible form of creativity that speaks to not only the eclectic urbanite, but to the whimsical nature lover as well. 

For the pure love of creation, Pegga strives to awe, inspire, and operate with integrity to her creative fire. Her desire is to shine into the world through her work, create awareness, promote unity, and spread joy.  Eager to ignite joy, be pure consciousness, promote social accountability, and arouse the heart and soul of art enthusiasts. She produces art because that is what she loves doing most. Her goal is to share her vision with you, those whose eyes and souls can "see it." 


Pegga is a woman with wide creative latitude, and a personality that is truly one-of-a-kind. She aspires to leave more than just a small carbon footprint behind.

Artist statement Courtesy of 

Maureen Fiore



Photography & Photo Manipulation. 

Graphic design 

T-Shirt design & production


Socially Conscious Writing

Up-cycled & Mixed Media

Acrylic Paint & Handmade Canvas

Knit Wears


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Pegga accepts orders for commission pieces & knit wears. 


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